Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Discover the Proven Ways To Beat Depression After Childbirth

Are You Struggling With Postnatal Depression?

Depression is one of the most common conditions of the modern era. There are a number of theories as to why depression is so widespread, for instance it had been proposed that the stressors and expectations of modern life leave many people feeling disheartened, lonely and unhappy. We have created a world where appearance and success seem to matter more (or affect people's judgements of others) for than the most important virtues of life - kindness, respect, love and trust.whatever opinions we have on these material things, they have resulted in a lot of societal pressure. 

Mothers have never felt more pressure to try to be perfect and raise perfect children. Professionals have never felt more pressure to move up the Corporate ladder. When life is going well these drives are very positive, but when certain set backs arise then depression can quickly set in and all the inroads to gain self confidence and build self-esteem in order to succeed are suddenly quashed by waves of depression and feelings of hopelessness and helplessness.

So how do you cope with depression after pregnancy or depression at work?

One of the keys to raising out of depression initially must involve a change in your physical body. This is where medication has its place. When you reach severe depression it can be very difficult to see beyond your current state to get help. You need to get to a state where you can be receptive to help offered and can think clearly to manage the issues causing your depression. However, anti-depressants must be taken for a period of time and as with all medication - have particular side effects, such as weight gain. These side effects can result in further negativity so if you're going to take medication its vital that you see a trained therapist as well so that you can manage the medication with continuing therapy.

In terms of non-medical options, there are a range of herbal remedies for depression, including elixirs and acupuncture which can boost your mood. Exercise is a key element to reducing depression too because it releases feel good hormones. Feel good foods like tuna are essential too as they release serotonin which also boosts mood. 

By enlisting a friend or partner to encourage you to engage in these positive activities when you feel you are heading towards depression, you can more readily take control of your life and take active steps to treat depression after pregnancy and depression in the workforce.

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In this YouTube video Lizzie O'Halloran coaches further on issues underlying postpartum depression and work related depression: 

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